Cameron LNG Supplier Registration

Supplier Benefits of Registration


Cameron LNG is striving for 100% supplier registration and there are many benefits for you:

  • Rank higher, when Cameron LNG searches for vendors based on project qualifications.
  • Connect to a network of prospects on the Warm Commerce network, based on your qualifications and your customer ratings.
  • Streamline certification and procurement processes. 
  • Participate in Warm Commerce Meetups to network with registered buyers and suppliers.

Thank you for joining our community of suppliers.

Cameron LNG greatly appreciates your participation in this new program and believes there are significant benefits for suppliers, beyond working with Cameron LNG. We feel this modern, digital approach to managing our relationship with our suppliers creates significant value for both sides in this business relationship and look forward to having you on the Warm Commerce platform.

Scott Simmons, Head of Supply Chain Management Cameron LNG