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Warm Commerce is a two-sided supply chain platform that enables companies to easily find and connect with new potential suppliers of products, material, services, technology and more. 

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Why Join Warm Commerce?

  • Market your company and your qualifications to new customers for free
  • Connect to new customers looking for your products or services via Warm Connections
  • Get added to Approved Vendor Lists
  • Receive bid opportunities from current and new customers and reduce bid submittal paperwork time and effort
  • Win more bids
  • Upsell current customers new products, technologies and services

Market your company and qualifications to new customers for free

  • Highlight your solutions and how you differentiate 
  • Market your qualifications and certifications including Diversity owned business certifications, quality certifications, environmental certifications and more
  • Upload marketing materials, brochures, more
  • Prove you are a good supplier by sharing operational status, safety and other information
  • Make it easy for customers to find your commercial contacts, social media, corporate information, etc.
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Connect with new customers via Warm Connections

  • Buyers on Warm Commerce search for suppliers based on products/service, location, key word, more
  • After they evaluate your profile and qualifications, buyer connect with you to exchange contact information
  • Buyers can then add your company to Approved Vendor List and to bid opportunities

Leverage industry ratings to prove your performance

  • Invite current customers to give anonymous public ratings (no reviews) on key metrics such as quality, delivery, etc.
  • Ratings increase your visibility to potential new customers
  • Invite potential customers to view performance ratings on neutral platform

Receive and win more bids

  • Easily get added to current customer and potential new customer bid lists based on AVL, Warm Connections and your proven performance
  • No need to resubmit company approval paperwork – focus on winning solution
  • Win more bids based on qualifications, technology, proven performance (ratings),  and more

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