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Warm Commerce is a two-sided supply chain platform that enables companies to easily find and connect with new potential suppliers of products, material, services, technology and more.

We have customers who are actively looking for new suppliers. Click here to see the products and services our customers are currently looking for.

Why Join Warm Commerce?

  • Market your company and your qualifications to new customers for free
  • Connect to new customers looking for your products or services via Warm Connections
  • Get added to Approved Vendor Lists
  • Receive bid opportunities from current and new customers and reduce bid submittal paperwork time and effort
  • Win more bids
  • Upsell current customers new products, technologies and services

Market your company and qualifications to new customers for free

  • Highlight your solutions and how you differentiate 
  • Market your qualifications and certifications including Diversity owned business certifications, quality certifications, environmental certifications and more
  • Upload marketing materials, brochures, more
  • Prove you are a good supplier by sharing operational status, safety and other information
  • Make it easy for customers to find your commercial contacts, social media, corporate information, etc.
Supplier platform

Marketing & Sales Tools

Connect with new customers via Warm Connections

  • Buyers on Warm Commerce search for suppliers based on products/service, location, key word, more
  • After they evaluate your profile and qualifications, buyer connect with you to exchange contact information
  • Buyers can then add your company to Approved Vendor List and to bid opportunities

Leverage industry ratings to prove your performance

  • Invite current customers to give anonymous public ratings (no reviews) on key metrics such as quality, delivery, etc.
  • Ratings increase your visibility to potential new customers
  • Invite potential customers to view performance ratings on neutral platform

Receive and win more bids

  • Easily get added to current customer and potential new customer bid lists based on AVL, Warm Connections and your proven performance
  • No need to resubmit company approval paperwork – focus on winning solution
  • Win more bids based on qualifications, technology, proven performance (ratings),  and more

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