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Register to work with a specific customer or proactively market your company as a proven supplier.  Join Warm Commerce today and start getting connected with new customers, win more orders, and spend less time on repetitive paperwork.





Get More Opportunities

Oil and gas supply chain teams use Warm Commerce to identify and qualify suppliers like you in an instant. Register and get on more bidders lists and AVLs today.


Win More Orders

Improve your ability to sell on value and win more orders by proving your performance and that you are the right supplier for the job.


Be More Productive

Reduce paperwork and qualification costs by keeping your company information in a single platform, available to all your customers. 

Supplier profile-1

Supplier profile

Create your profile and become visible to supply chain teams searching for new suppliers.​

Registration and AVL

Registration and AVL

Get registered and approved in our buyer’s portals and get invited to new sourcing activities.​

Supplier ratings platform

Supplier ratings platform

Invite your customers to give you a rating. Share that rating with potential customers to prove your abilities and win more work.​

Warm Connections

Warm Connections

Get notified when potential buyers are searching and viewing your information.​

How It Works


Set Up Company Profile

Set up a comprehensive company profile with company information, qualification data, and certifications. The more information the easier you are to find.


Add Products & Services

Add the products and services you provide, how they are differentiated, and when you can normally deliver. Most buyers search by product categories so make sure to add them all.


Invite Customers to Rate You

Invite your best customers to give you ratings based on past experience. Higher ratings put you at the top of the buyer’s search results.


Receive Warm Connections

Buyers find and connect with the suppliers that best fit their needs. Warm Connections connect you directly with a buyer that has a need for your product and wants to talk today.

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