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Warm Commerce combines a supplier marketplace with easy to use sourcing tools to enable organizations to create resilient supply chains that deliver corporate objectives.

Supplier Marketplace

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Sourcing Tools


Supply Chain Team Benefits

Company Benefits

  • Leverage our network of suppliers to instantly find and qualify potential new suppliers​
  • Reduce sourcing time by 90% to easily create a more competitive marketplace, implement re-shoring, expand into new markets, and implement Diversity & Inclusion sourcing programs​
  • Leverage our technology and resources to do more with less resources​
  • Reduce supply chain risk by eliminating sole sourcing, finding better qualified suppliers, and implementing re-shoring
  • Lower costs and working capital by finding new technologies to help operations and creating a more competitive marketplace
  • Implement Diversity & Inclusion and ESG sourcing and support operations to enter into new markets

Warm Commerce Sourcing Tools

Supplier Marketplace

  • Search for new suppliers from our large network of qualified suppliers
  • Search by product/service, location, key word, certification and more
  • Find Diversity & Inclusion owned businesses
  • 100s of suppliers in 1000s of categories
Supplier Searches
Supplier Qualifications

Instant Supplier Qualifications

  • Address, City, State, Phone, Main Contact, Website, and Social Media Links, Number of Employees, Year Established, and Revenue
  • Operational Readiness Status for inventory, supply chain, company, workforce, and more
  • Products and services including description and delivery time
  • Financial and Insurance Information and Health and Safety Information
  • Quality Certifications, Diversity Ownership and Certifications, Social and Environmental Responsibility Certifications, Association Memberships
  • Line item cards and other public documents

Warm Connections

  • Connect with potential suppliers via Warm Connections
  • Track potential supplier qualifications, performance, etc.
  • Invite Warm Connections to bid opportunities
Warm Connections-1
Manage Bids 3

Bid Management

  • Create bid lists from Approved Vendor Lists and Warm Connections and easily evaluate supplier risk, current and past performance, and qualifications
  • Send bids quickly to Warm Connections and AVLs
  • Track progress and responses
  • Manage and report the value and savings of each bid
  • Evaluate current bids by accessing historical bid information for more informed decisions
  • Export bids to 3rd party tools with no integrations needed

Sourcing Services 

Our team of experts can help your team find and source suppliers that meet the needs of the bid that you are looking for saving you valuable time. If you are interested in learning more about our Outsourcing Services, please contact us..

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