Supplier Visibility & Management

Manage your suppliers with a single source of truth

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Manage Suppliers from a Single Source of Truth

Stop keeping critical supplier info in excel, email, file cabinets

Deepest supplier data -> best supplier decision making

Enable team to focus on highest value-added activities

Share and leverage supplier data across functions & locations


Supplier provided information

  • Corporate info (description, locations, website, social media, financial, legal, more)​
  • Commercial contact info​
  • Product & services (line cards, lead timespecifications) ​
  • Qualifications (marketing collateral, reference, project history, etc.)​
  • Certifications & associations​
  • All maintained by suppliers and managed by Warm Commerce​

Warm Commerce network data

  • Public ratings on KPIs (quality, delivery, value, more)
Supplier Operational Readiness

Supply Chain Operational Readiness 

  • Instant visibility of supply chain status including COVID-19 impact, workforce and inventory status 
  • 2nd tier supply chain visibility 
  • Supplier operational readiness is updated by supplier and managed by Warm Commerce, eliminating the need for daily phone calls, emails, spreadsheet updates, etc. 

Supplier documentation 

  • Contracts/ legal docs (w/expiry)​
  • Key documents (W-9, KPI, quality reports, meeting notes, more)

3rd party supplier data

  • Financial data​
  • Safety​
  • Other risk data

Internal supplier data

  • Supplier approval status​
  • ERP data (performance, quality, spend)​
  • Other supplier spreadsheets​

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