Warm Commerce Supply Chain Consulting Services

Rapid Supply Chain Cost & Working Capital Consulting Services for Distressed Mid-Market Companies

Are you a CEO or CRO of a mid-market distressed company? 

Today’s CEOs and Chief Restructuring Officers need to create, communicate and deliver on plans to successfully execute through this very challenging operating environment. 

Warm Commerce Supply Chain consulting services enables distressed companies to continue to operate your business while reducing costs and working capital by optimizing your supply chain. 

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Warm Commerce Supply Chain Consulting Services

You can assure your business can continue to operate

  • We make sure you don’t get cut off by current suppliers 
  • We bring in new proven qualified suppliers that can successfully perform and provide extended payment terms/increased credit limits 

You can communicate to your lenders and board that you have a plan and that plan is being successfully executed.

We handle managing your supply chain to reduce cost and working capital

  • We take the burden off your shoulders so your focus is on managing lendersyour board, attorneys, and more 
  • We enable your company to free up liquidity and avoid cutting critical business activities that could impact future revenue or operations 

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Recent Client Success

Challenge We were tasked with reducing costs and improving supply chain efficiency across multiple business units of an oil and gas company in distress. 

Solution Evaluated critical spend categories, rapidly created an optimized supplier sourcing strategy, deployed new supplier risk management and sourcing workflow by leveraging our proprietary technology platform in less than 90 days. 

Result 23% cost reduction

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Our Pricing and Guarantee

Our fees are simple and straightforward. We guarantee you will get 2x what you paid for our services or you will get your money back.

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