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August 2019 Warm Commerce Company Updates and Features for Buyers

Posted by Warm Commerce Product Management on Jul 30, 2019 7:23:18 PM
Warm Commerce Product Management

New updates and features for Buyers include Supplier Portals, Creation and Management of an Approved Vendors List (AVL), and Expanded and Improved Supplier Profiles.

It’s a very exciting time at Warm Commerce…. check out our updates on our fast-growing community and new platform features below! 

Welcome to all our new members who have joined the Warm Commerce Community! We are excited to share some of the new and improved features of the platform.  

New Suppliers Who are Now Live on the Platform

With hundreds of suppliers now registered on the Warm Commerce platform, log in today and check out their profiles...

Use Warm Commerce as a Supplier Portal   

Warm Commerce now supports creation and maintenance of company Supplier Portals giving your company the ability to direct your current and potential new suppliers to a customized portal. 

Not only does this enhance your supplier pre-qualification and selection process, well-managed portal can dramatically improve the quality of your supplier data and ability to communicate effectively with your suppliers 

Please reach out to our Member Success team for more information 

Create and Manage an Approved Vendors List (AVL) 

Designated supply chain personnel can create an AVL, mark suppliers as approved, with approved suppliers then appearing in search results and in supplier profiles. This allows your supply chain team to more efficiently manage all approved vendors within a centralized platform and also allows others within your organization to view who your approved suppliers are.

AVL Example #2-1

Member Success Team Support  

To help maximize our member success using Warm Commerce, we’ve created a new Member Success Team to work with our members and allow you to get the most out of your membership to grow and develop your business opportunities. The team of member success managers can support any of your Warm Commerce queries so please feel to reach out to them! 

Member Success Team

Expanded and Improved Supplier Profiles

Supplier profiles have been enhanced to provide even more information to buyers on Warm Commerce including: 

  • product/service descriptions 
  • ability to enter multiple locations and location function 
  • enter product/service delivery 
  • add service/support hours 
  • certifications/qualifications 
  • ratings and Net Promoter Score 

and more…. 

Noria Supplier Profile

PIDX Qualification Standard Support 

Leverage industry standard Petroleum Industry Data eXchange qualifications for deeper supplier qualification and vetting.

PIDX Questionnaire


New Ratings Functionality 

With Warm Commerce, your member profile includes the ability to rate your suppliers on key performance criteria. These ratings are numeric ratings, there are no reviews, it is anonymous  and uses the same 5-star ratings you are probably familiar with. 

Whenever you search for a current or potential supplier you can then see their aggregate rating and Net Promoter Score. In addition, anyone in your organization can receive requests from Suppliers to rate them and can then see the supplier’s industry user ratings in the search results and in the supplier profiles. 

Improved Warm Connections  

With the improved Warm Connection functionality, you can see more information associated to your suppliers sales representatives including their direct contact info, LinkedIn and other social media links, photo and more. 

In addition, you and your personnel within you company can create a profile so the suppliers you’ve connected with can directly contact you, etc.

Thanks again for being part of the Warm Commerce Community!

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