Successfully develop, finance, build and operate utility-scale clean energy projectss

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Create Triple Bottom Line
Energy Transition projects

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Renewable Energy Investors can "walk the walk" and ensure corporate sustainability and ESG priorities are actualized in investments.

Renewable Developers  can successfully implement project-level sustainability and ESG and market to potential offtakers/PPA and investors.

EPC Firms  can implement client ESG initiatives and successfully execute projects to achieve cost, schedule, safety, quality and other EPC phase objectives.

Implement project sustainability and ESG

Implement and manage sustainability and ESG initiatives with project EPCs, suppliers and contractors and assure alignment with ESG objectives

Maximize local community engagement and increase business with women, minority, veteran and other diverse-owned suppliers and contractors

Capture, manage and report project sustainability and ESG information to financiers, corporate offtakers/PPA customers, and other stakeholders

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Assure lowest LCOE and find the best suppliers for your project


Build database of fully qualified potential suppliers and contractors with qualifications, prices, lead times, sustainability, safety, quality, and other information

Find new suppliers by searching over 10,000 suppliers on our marketplace

Instantly vet potential suppliers and use eRFQ tools to assure have best supplier sustainability, diversity, safety and quality at lowest cost and shortest delivery

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Manage suppliers to assure successful project execution

Manage project supplier information - capture full supplier qualification information, centrally manage supplier contracts and other key documents, and more

Manage supplier risk - gain visibility of supplier operational status, view supplier corporate, financial, and legal risks, manage supplier compliance information, and more

Manage supplier execution - assure suppliers meet schedule, performance, quality, safety, and other KPIs

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Warm Commerce deploys in days, integrates with existing systems and doesn’t require replacement of procurement or financial systems.

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